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Coastal Solar

Solar energy is a free and renewable power source that is available for everyone, everywhere.

Solar is one of the fastest growing energy options world wide and now more affordable.

The team at Coastal Solar can design

the system for you,

we will run that extra mile! 

it's 2024,Why aren't  you Harnessing the Sun's Energy?

As an owner operated business our goal is to provide homes, businesses and vehicles with high quality, environmentally sustainable solar systems, that are affordable!

Solar Products and Services

grid tied solar system in NZ

Grid Tied Solar Systems

Residential and Commercial. 

Haier Heat Pump NZ

Heat Pumps

Starting from $3299.00


conditions apply

Solar system in NZ check up consultation for maintenance

System not performing?

Is your Solar system not performing, battery flat?

Just want someone to check it all over?

sonnen hybrid battery storage solar system in NZ

Hybrid/Battery Solar Systems

Residential, Batch and Commercial. 

business and commercial solar system installation work

Our Work

Residential and Commercial.

e products in NZ

Visit the e products page




and more.

off grid solar systems in NZ

Off Grid Solar Systems

Home, Business &

Farm Solutions.

4 solar energy panels in NZ

Products and

Kit set solar system's available, components, and mounting products. All at wholesale rates.......

Coastal Solar Work Place Operations in NZ

See us first!

Need Solar, want an upgrade?

We can install Lithium batteries in your vehicle.

Solar energy is a free and renewable power source that is available for everyone, everywhere. By installing a solar system and harnessing the sun’s energy, you will start saving from day one. Its advantage goes beyond personal use because having a solar system in New Zealand also benefits the environment more than you can imagine. As long as the sun shines, you will never run out of power. 

Coastal Solar Can Help Design a Solar System for You 

The best thing about solar energy is that it can be stored for later use. Even if the sun does not show up for a day or two, rest assured you still have enough solar energy to utilise for the day. And all of this is possible through an efficient solar system.   

If that piques your interest, the team at Coastal Solar can design a system to meet your solar energy requirements and needs. We specialise in creating an off-grid solar system, hybrid energy storage, and grid-tied solar system in New Zealand. We will run that extra mile just for you! 

What We Can Offer to Our Customers 

As an owner-operated business, our goal is to provide homes, businesses, and vehicles with high-quality, environmentally sustainable solar systems for an excellent value of money. Our products and services are carefully designed only to guarantee the best results. Check out our list of successful projects and witness a professional team dedicated to working around the clock to deliver a reliable energy source.    

Coastal Solar installs on residential and commercial buildings. We have state-of-the-art equipment suitable for different roof sizes, shading issues, and conditions. The panels we install are top-quality with a production warranty of 25 years. With the 18kw system that we designed, you will get an estimated return of 2700kw, per year. To learn more about us, explore our website today! 

Talk to Coastal Solar Today! 

Whether you need a solar battery or solar system, Coastal Solar is ready to help you. Get in touch with us by calling 0800 783678 or drop your questions at Keep all your worries at bay. Coastal Solar has covered you when it comes to your solar system. 

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E-Bikes and

We can install an E-Charger for your new Car, or see us for you next E-Bike.


Coastal Solar will clean and service your system.

Contact us now for a free quote. 


We will design a system to meet your requirements and needs.


Coastal Solar are here to help, contact us for help moving in the right direction.

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