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Sometimes its to expensive to have power connected to your property or you just don't want to have a monthly power account, maybe you want to do your little part in saving the environment!  

Coastal Solar can supply you with an off grid system to suit your requirements, needs and budget.

Listed are three off grid system from a small sized for a batch or tiny home, maybe a B&B. Then the larger sized system for normal living conditions and comforts.

For a Standard Home with Average Power Usage

Flexmaz Off Grid Solar System NZ
POWER STATION, Outback FlexPower One 48volt system

3.6kWatts continuous, 4kWs for 30 minutes and peak 5.6kWs for 5 seconds of AC power output.

Maximum power point tracking (MTTP) charge controller and inverter, outback is extensively use in Australia and the USA, including New Zealand.

Factory tested, pre-wired and pre-configured system for Off-grid and grid-tied functionality in one flexible system, a powerful system in a compact, space-saving footprint with field upgradable software.

Ample AC and DC breaker provisions.

Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) supports a wide range of battery technologies including lithium-ion.

All components carry necessary ETL certifications, simplifies design and installation, and delivers the most reliable energy solution for you the customer.

Poweroad Lithium Battery for off-grid solar system NZ
Poweroad Lithium Battery specs NZ
BATTERY BANK, Lithium Ion, off-grid application

Poweroad intelligent lithium ion battery with built in battery management.

4 times 12V cell batteries, 150 Amp.

Poweroad gives you more runtime and a longer life than most competitors’ batteries in its class and delivers consistent power across the state of charge range.

It can be charged in less than two hours with the right sized array,

for example the batteries life;

Total kW available from the battery bank is 7.2kW, if you use 6.5kW in one day, meaning only 70% (DOD) then you can get a life of 17 years from this bank (plus more)

DOD                            50%                 70%                 90%

kWs used.                    3.6kW              5.1kW              6.5kW

Cycles.                         9000                6100                5000               

Years (life).                  25 years           16.7 years        13.7 years

Battery Amp hour size, 100, 150 and 200ah

6 solar energy panels NZ
6 solar panels in NZ

The array is made up of 12 x 305watt Trina Honey module panels, mounted in rows of three.

Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, morning and evenings.

Ranked as one of the world’s leading solar manufacturers, comprehensive product and

system certificates and certified to withstand challenging environments.

2400 pa wind load and 35mm hail stones at 97km/h.

3600 watts in total output at the optimum angle during clear mid-summer days. Strung in sets of 3 panels, lower PV array voltage means maximum resistance from shading. The Flexmax MPPT software increases the PV array output by 30%. 

kmax five 6.5kVA generator

Also included in this price is a generator,

K-Max Five 6.5kVa Acoustic Air-Cooled diesel, all installation equipment, fittings etc.

We can not offer a fixed price until the property is viewed. 

Off grid solar system installation costs between $35-$40,000.00

This price shown above is a estimate only, an approximate cost. A site visit will need to be completed for a fixed quote. 

Affordable Off Grid System for a Small Home

C&D lead carbon 1
C&D lead carbon 3
C&D lead carbon 2
C&D lead carbon NZ
Victron Easy Solar 24/3000/70-50

The all in 1 tidy solution giving 3000Watts of continuous output including MPPT 150/70 with dual MC4 input at 2000Watts of PV. With colour display.

Power usage, lights, TV, washing machine, Fridge/freezer, PC, 

This system does not include a backup generator and one is recommended for maintaining the life of the batteries.  


Victron easy solar 24
solar panels nz

BATTERY BANK, 4 x Lead Carbon Shoto 200AH 12V batteries, a total 9.6kW with a daily draw of 4.8kW at 50% depth of discharge (DOD).

Solar panels are 330w Trina,

Price includes gst and installation on a flat iron roof with all rails, brackets and tilt mounting equipment, all cables (solar, earth, battery) etc. The install price is for a standard install, it excludes the cost of travel and edge protection.


Coastal Solar Disclaimer:

these batteries have product performance guild lines that will give you value for money and performance but only if the specifications are followed.

Coastal solar will not be held responsible for replacement of batteries as the controlled operation and maintenance of the batteries are out of our control if a generator is not used in this system. 

Solar Starter Kit Set Pack

Solar system starter kit is for a small living space or batch like setup, maybe a shed. There is no back up power to charge the batteries in cases of prolonged days without sunshine.

This system would be used to run lights, TV, PC, and a small fridge.

The system includes a solar reg charger from morning star, the inverter is a Enerdrive 2000W 24V.

Two Camec 12V sealed lead acid, 120Ah and two 305W Trina solar panels.

Also included are the mounting rails, battery isolation switch solar & earth cables etc. 

Solar Starter Kit Set Pack NZ
$4,334.00 kit set supply only and not including freight, price available for install on request.

Coastal Solar can offer a number of different options for off grid solar system, it really comes down to your expectations and needs from your power supply. We offer in these systems the products from Outback as they are proven equipment, The panels we use have a 25 year 80% performance warranty and the batteries are rated with 9000 cycles at 50% DOD.

Contact Coastal Solar as we have other options for off grid and grid-tied solar systems, SMA, Victron, SolaX, Fronius, Enphase for off grid and different battery types Lead Carbon, AMG, Lead Gel and more.  

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