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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy

Updated: May 20

Since we started a few years back, we were asked many questions related to our business by a lot of people. One of the most frequently asked questions from curious individuals is, “Why is solar energy good?” While we can easily present to them various reasons why solar power is the best alternative for electricity, we notice that some of them remain hesitant to switch to solar energy. But it did not hinder us to continue our mission to create sustainable communities through solar powers in New Zealand.

If there is one good thing about reluctance, it is the fact that it gives new meaning to what we are doing. That is why we always grab every opportunity in front of us to educate many people about the importance of solar energy to our communities and each other’s daily lives. This article lists evidence of the benefits of using solar systems in New Zealand, and we will go through each one of them to take a closer look. Continue reading below.

Reason# 1: Solar Power Is Good for the Environment

One of the things people would quickly associate with solar energy is sustainability. This association is a common fact known by many, as it is supported by years of research and various academic journals. But, despite all this, many people still think twice about using sunlight to create electricity instead of burning fossil fuels. Changing their minds is another challenge we have to take into account.

To simply put it out there, the sun is the main source of solar energy, which is a clean and green source of power. There is nothing about solar power that can harm mother nature. Aside from being an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint, harnessing the sun’s energy is cost-effective, too.

If you are on the same page as us in looking after the next generation, there is no other perfect time than the present to start using a solar system in New Zealand. Besides solar systems, other options like hybrid energy storage and off grid solar system are also excellent clean energy sources.

Reason# 2: Your Home Can Go Off-the-Grid with Solar Energy

Interruptions on power supplies are unpredictable, and it is even hard to tell when the power supply lasts because of various external factors causing power outages. But you do not have to worry about this at all when you have a reliable solar system in place. More than that, you are no longer dependent on electric utility service providers and do not have to keep on paying more for an unsustainable source of electricity.

The best thing about a grid tied solar system in NZ is it boosts your independence when it comes to energy consumption. It only takes the right solar system to supply enough energy to protect your property against increased utility prices. With a 4kW solar system, you can enjoy inexpensive electricity all day. And here is the catch: the sun will never charge you with an unreasonable rate while it gives you the energy security you deserve.

Reason# 3: Solar Panels Are Inexpensive

There are more reasons why you should leverage the sun’s energy to the fullest. First is the reduced cost of solar panels, which is an excellent stepping stone towards sustainable energy consumption. Second, traditional electricity is categorised as a volatile market, and it only means one thing—the energy rates fluctuate throughout the day. And third is the limited resources many electric utility providers rely heavily on, like coal and natural gas.

Once you have a solar system strategically built on your roof, you do not just achieve energy independence. You also become a part of the solution for the decade-long issues environment has been battling. Switching to solar energy from traditional electricity seems like a bit of a gesture. But its domino effects go beyond your personal benefits, as it contributes to ensuring a sustainable future.

Reason# 4: Solar Energy Puts Underutilised Lands to Good Use

Solar energy has become easily accessible to most of us with the increasing need for clean and sustainable energy. In many countries, including New Zealand, vast lands far away from the city centres are underutilised or not utilised at all. Building solar systems on these vacant pieces of land will put them to good use. If you have heard of solar farms, it is a good example of utilising lands to accommodate the energy requirements of hundreds of homes.

Indeed, there is a sustainable future ahead of us if we work hand in hand to mitigate the adverse effect of irresponsible energy consumption. Considering solar systems in New Zealand is one way to start this journey towards a cleaner and greener future. Set up your solar panels now and become part of the solution.

Reason# 5: The Sun Is a Free Source of Energy

Believe it or not, the sun provides us with more energy than we could ever utilise. What is more impressive is that no one can monopolise the sunlight because it is available to everyone as long as the sun shines. The moment you start using your own solar system, you can save money.

Furthermore, the benefits of solar power are best-measured long-term. The earlier you start, the more you enjoy the benefits of solar energy, save money, and support the environment to thrive.

Reach Out to Coastal Solar Today to Learn More About Our Reliable Solar Systems

Choosing the best provider for solar systems is essential to ensure you achieve the desired results. But it can be a challenge, especially there are many providers out there. When it comes to reliable solar systems in New Zealand, Coastal Solar is the place to be.

With our experiences and previous projects, we understand the need of our clients for a cost-effective and efficient solar system. As a dedicated business that only thinks about the welfare of our customer base, we always make sure to meet the requirements needed to successfully set up dependable solar systems and solar-powered water pumps in New Zealand. Get in touch with us through this number: 0800 78 36 78.

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