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Cleaning Solar Systems in New Zealand 

Poorly cleaned solar systems in New Zealand tend to drop efficiency by up to 18%. In this case, solar panels can no longer provide as much energy as they are supposed to. But don't fret because there is something that you can do. Thorough cleaning can improve the condition of solar panels and can even save money on electricity bills. 

That said, it is crucial to be aware of when was the last time experts like Coastal Solar professionally cleaned your solar systems. If you want your solar panels to work in their best possible conditions, have them checked and cleaned by a trusted provider of solar system cleaning services. As soon as you see the result, it will be worth your time and money.


Keeping Your Solar Panels in Their Best Possible Conditions Through Cleaning 

Many sectors have been taking advantage of solar systems for a more sustainable source of energy and to take part in combating the long-term effects of climate change. With the growing number of households and businesses using solar panels, it is vital to have them regularly cleaned to be fully efficient.  

Investing in solar panels should result in the highest possible return. To achieve that, cleaning must play a big part in solar panel maintenance. Although solar systems like off-grid solar systems and hybrid energy storage are built to last over time, regular support is required to generate as much electricity as possible.  


Dust, dirt, moss, pollen, and bird droppings are primarily the cause of loss in energy production of solar panels. They block the solar energy from the sun from reaching the system's solar cells, which generate the power. Don't let this happen by turning to a reliable cleaner of solar panels in New Zealand. There is no other perfect time than now. Reach out today and witness the difference in performance between well-maintained and poorly-cleaned solar panels. 

Only Get Help from the Professionals 

Let a professional handle solar panel cleaning tasks to achieve high-quality work and the best results. Coastal Solar is fully equipped to take on the cleaning of your grid-tied solar systems in New Zealand. For more services related to solar systems, including solar-powered water pumps in New Zealand and more, explore our website. You can also discover an array of products there.  

If you have any question, review, feedback, thought, suggestion, or opinion, don't think twice about calling us on 0800 783678 or emailing We will be glad to help you!

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